A simple, mobile and complete web presence solution for your business

For new start-ups and small businesses, building a web presence can be complicated, time-consuming and costly. Some businesses won’t have the resources or the capabilities in-house to build a website, let alone know where to host it or whether an email domain exists. Go Sitebuilder removes those complications and keeps everything in one place. Developed by BaseKit and hosted in Microsoft Azure, Go Sitebuilder is a mobile-first web solution that builds your brand easily and quickly.
Each subscription to Go Sitebuilder comes with access to a library of stock images, though only 5 can be used at any one time, and a huge range of carefully created colour, font and style combinations. It means you can build, develop and enhance your brand the way you want without any hidden charges.

An easy, accessible e-commerce store

Go Sitebuilder delivers a fully responsive e-commerce store with a flexible layout, so you can easily manage your store straight from a mobile phone. Create a store of any size and sell as many products as you like, choose from several different payment options (such as PayPal, Stripe and major credit cards), and create customisable discount vouchers for customers to redeem at the checkout. Keep on top of your stock and deliver ‘order status’ emails to your customers so they know when their purchase is on the way.

Blog and Social Media Integration

Create a new blog on Go Sitebuilder and enhance your web presence or import WordPress XML if you want to bring existing blog posts over to your website. Benefit from an easy-to-use blog format and add tags, categories, and easily upload images and posts from your mobile or tablet. Plus, Google Accelerated Mobile Page support is built in so your posts will load faster and rank higher in Google search results

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